Taylor MI

Taylor, MI is a small city on the southwest side of the Detroit metropolitan area. Considered part of Metro-Detroit proper, Taylor is home to about 83 thousand people and is a quaint community with a strong sense of identity. Situated on a fork of the Rouge River, Taylor’s claim to fame is its historical ties to Henry Ford through its location where he established his first automobile plant in 1906, which later became known as the Ford Motor Company.

Other historic sites worth visiting include The Factory, where you can tour Henry Ford’s original factory building, and visit exhibits that highlight how things were made during that time period by taking advantage of machines powered by steam engines, belts running from floor to ceiling, and miscellaneous equipment used for manufacturing metal parts for motor cars.

There are also two historic downtown areas where you can find unique shops and restaurants along tree-lined streets, historic homes, churches, City Hall, and other sites that are home to several events throughout the year including farmers markets, craft shows, art fairs, and parades.

Sports fans will also enjoy Taylor’s location near several professional sports teams who reside in Metro-Detroit including the Detroit Tigers (baseball), Detroit Lions (football), and Red Wings / Pistons (hockey/basketball).